How Our Four-Post Parking Lifts Compare With Others On The Market

There’s a number of different parking lift designs in this market, all of which can be used for mechanical use, for your home garage or for storage. A lot of them are generally sold with a lot of accessories to make the package look appealing to the buyer. However, in a number of cases there will be something missing and they’re using these accessories as bait to make the deal look attractive.

In this blog, we’ll break down some of the differences between our product and other products on the market in a very simple way, primarily based on our 3,500P, 4,000P and 4,000HP Four Post Car Lift products.

All Our Lifts Have Internal Mechanical Locks
Figure 1

All our lifts have mechanical locks, which are all run internally. This photo (figure 1) is a lift with internal mechanical locks, making it safe and sturdy if you drop something, kick it, bend it or break it.




Figure 2

Alternatively, this image (figure 2)  is a lift which is in the similar market; however, this lift has all the safety mechanisms running externally. The chances of safety problems happening is a lot higher than a lift where nothing is run externally around the hoist (like the above lift).

We Use Oversize Pulleys
Figure 3

In our lift we use oversize pulleys, whereas many other lifts on the market use a smaller pulley. For example, this image (figure 3) is the under-platform side of a four-post hoist which falls in the same category as ours, and you can see the pulleys are very small. This will shorten the life of the cables, as the cables will fray and break a lot earlier than our lifts.

Figure 4

If you have a look at this image (figure 4), our pulleys are a lot bigger in diameter and they’re stacked on top of each other, which gives greater life to the cables, reducing your longer-term cost of ownership. The other end, they’re stacked as well to prolong the life of the cables.

We Use A Safety Ladder

There’s a number of different ways that safety locks are run on the market, ours are primarily run with a safety ladder. So, as you can see in the below 2 pictures, this is the safety lock (figure 5) and how it runs down the post (figure 6).

Figure 5
Figure 6









Figure 7

Other lifts on the market may vary, there may be a safety lock built into the post, similar to this picture. This image (figure 7) shows the safety lock running up as part of the post, it’s cut out of the post. This makes it very difficult to adjust the safety locks to make sure that the vehicle hoist is always level on the safety locks. It also presents another safety risk with someone’s hand as it’s a lot more exposed than our particular lift.



Figure 8

Another point to look at is that the cable is mounted outside of the post (figure 8), which puts a lot of the strain and pressure outside of the post on these particular lifts.



Whereas, on our particular lift (figure 9), you can see it’s mounted underneath the main plate, which puts the weight and the pressure down the post rather than putting it outside the post.

Our Pulleys Are Supported by Both Sides of The Cross Tube
Figure 10

Going back to the pulleys in the cross tubes, this photo (figure 10) is a picture of a hoist where the pulley is only supported on one side of the cross tube.




Figure 11

Whereas, with our lifts, you can see in this photo (figure 11), the pulley is supported by both sides of the cross tube.

Additionally, all of our four-posts lifts can be equipped with caster kits and drip trays, which are an optional extra for a small cost.



So, as you can see there’s a lot more that goes into the engineering of our product, compared to others in the market that would rather have a hoist with a bunch of accessories to make the hoist look attractive in its price range.

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