Tyre Changers

Tyre fitting machines with next-gen technology, built to last

Garage Equipment’s entire range of professional-grade tyre changing equipment features models designed to suit nearly every budget, automotive specialty and tyre size.

What’s more, each model has been thoroughly tested under real-world conditions. After months of trials and countless adjustments, we’re proud to say each one of these state-of-the-art tyre changers is durable enough to handle even your toughest daily routine.

Our range of tyre changing machines feature exciting innovations including:

  • A helpful drop-centre top mount arm that firmly holds the tyre in place during rotation
  • Pneumatic wheel restraint device to keep the wheel locked into place
  • Power-assist upper bead rollers that assist in bead breaking and setting
  • Power-assist mounting towers for greater versatility
  • Superior overall design that’s made for durability

On top of all that, most of our advanced tyre changers feature up-front foot controls, complete with clearly marked decals so you’re never unsure of what to do next. Other improvements include tilt-back towers for increased clearance, large bead-breaking blades, powerful hi-torque turntables, jet-blast pistol inflation gauge with air dump valve, as well as a fully-adjustable tool bar. All of this comes packed in an easy-to-use, free-standing console that’s as safe as it is efficient.

If your current tyre changer isn’t equipped to do all that, then you need to upgrade to Garage Equipment today.

Browse our full range of tyre fitting equipment today, and to find out more get in touch with the Garage Equipment team here or on 1800 777 318.

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