Frequently Asked Questions about Garage Equipment Direct and car hoists

How do I make an order from Garage Equipment?

There are a few options: fill out the form on the product page; send us an email; or simply give our friendly team a call on 1800 777 318.

How long will it take to receive my Garage Equipment order?

We deliver to most addresses Australia-wide within about 7-10 days of your order being placed, depending on the exact model and quantities you order.

Do you have a ‘bricks and mortar’ store where I can see your workshop equipment?

No. So that we can offer you premium products at competitive prices, we keep our costs low by operating purely online. We provide you with fast service and support Australia-wide via our warehouses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth.

If you can’t find the specs, photos or videos of the product you’re interested in, just give us a call on 1800 777 318.

Can your vehicle hoists be installed outside?

Most manufacturers recommend fully enclosed undercover installation only. Note that the equipment warranty will not apply if you do install your hoist outside.

What ceiling height does my workshop need for a car lift?

We recommend an internal apex height of 3m for a floorplate style 2 post hoist, with 600mm clearance either side of the hoist.

For clear floor hoists we recommend an internal apex height of 4m, and for four posts hoist you’ll need an internal height of minimum 2.5m.

For all lifts, you should consider allowing a 1m clearance front and back of the vehicles you’ll be lifting.

Does my new car hoist need a special floor or foundation?

Most residential or commercial foundations are strong enough to support a car hoist. To ensure correct installation and level lifting, the floor should be level, in good condition, and free of cracks or defects.

Of course, car lift owners and end users are ultimately responsible for the safe installation of their vehicle hoist. If you’re unsure about the suitability of your installation site, consult your architect or builder for advice.

What thickness of concrete will I need to install a car hoist?

Garage Equipment’s two and four post hoists require a minimum of 100mm (4”) of reinforced concrete slab.

What power supply will I need for 2 post and 4 post car hoists?

Our car lifts are powered by the standard Australian single phase 240v 15 amp power or 3PH 415V 10amp. Please be sure to specify which power unit you require when ordering. Installation must be carried out by a licensed electrician.

What are your tips for successful car hoist installation?

  • Make sure the concrete slab is level and at least the minimum required thickness
  • Take the time to read your car hoist’s instruction manual
  • Ensure you have sufficient lighting for the installation job
  • Lay out your hoist, making sure you have enough room to work on and around your new car lift.
  • Position and level up the control post and secure it in position
  • Finish assembling the rest of the car hoist before levelling up and bolting down the other post/s
  • Engage a properly licensed professional electrician for any electrical work
  • Before you first use your hoist, double check that all parts are tight, properly lubricated, and operating correctly

Is it ok to leave a car up on a two post hoist for an extended period of time?

Yes, your hoist won’t be affected by this, so long as it’s properly engaged on the safety locks and not resting on the hydraulics. Remember though that, because cars are designed to be parked on their wheels, they may be adversely affected by long periods aloft. Check with your vehicle’s manufacturer if you’re unsure.

Do you stock spare parts for your car hoists?

Yes, at Garage Equipment we carry an extensive range of parts. Additionally, many standard parts are also available from local suppliers, such as O-rings, hydraulic fittings and hoses, electrical switches etc.

How much hydraulic oil do vehicle hoists need?

Each model of car hoist requires a different amount of oil, but as a guide 2 post car hoists require about 12L and four post car hoists around 16L. 

What is the difference between a clear floor two post hoist and a standard model?

The advantage of a “clear floor” model is the way it allows you to move jacks and equipment conveniently through the middle area of the hoist. This design makes it easier for you to carry out gearbox or transmission replacement and other major maintenance.

Do your car hoists meet Australian Standards, and WorkCover or Workplace Health and Safety requirements?

Yes, Garage Equipment’s car hoists comply with AS1418.9 and are design registered to comply with Australian Workplace Health and Safety legislation.

What are the Workplace Health and Safety requirements for car hoists?

We advise you to contact Workplace Health and Safety in your state for specific advice for your business. In general however:

  • While car hoists should be installed and maintained by a competent person, there are no trade qualifications/courses for hoist installers
  • Car hoists should be operated and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions

Note that you should have documented procedures and documentary evidence for:

  • Pre-operation inspections – before using the hoist every day
  • Routine quarterly maintenance inspections
  • Annual inspections, carried out within one year of first use
  • Major inspections conducted every 10 years
  • Design registration marked clearly on every vehicle hoist
  • Documented safe work procedures for use of the vehicle hoist

What is an asymmetric car hoist?

An asymmetric car hoist has arms of different lengths; with the front arms shorter than the rear arms. This allows the vehicle to be placed further back on the hoist, giving you access to the inside of the vehicle through the front doors while it’s lifted.

Where is Garage Equipment located?

Garage Equipment’s head office is located in Brisbane. Our extensive network of warehouses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth lets us provide you with efficient service wherever you are throughout Australia.

Got a question of your own about our workshop equipment? Get in touch with the Garage Equipment team here or call us on 1800 777 318.

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