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Welcome to Garage Equipment, your reliable partner for 4 post lifts and automotive workshop equipment. Our expertise lies in understanding the diverse needs of professional workshops / home garages and we proudly offer an extensive range of premium 4 post car hoists in Australia.

From the Ascenta 3500P – 4-Post Hoist or Parking Lift (3.5T or 3,500kg) to the Ascenta Ascenta 8000S 4-Post Car & Truck Hoist (8T or 8,000kg), our 4 post hoists are built to last and designed for heavy-duty use, ensuring superior performance for both professional workshops and home enthusiasts.

We are well aware that you expect exceptional quality and efficiency from your 4 post hoists, and that’s precisely what we deliver. Our rugged vehicle lifts consistently fulfill their promise of superior performance, just as you’ve come to expect from Garage Equipment.

Renowned worldwide for their top-notch craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, feature-rich designs, incredible value for money, and extended durability, our quality 4-post hoists are unmatched in the industry.

Featuring four extremely sturdy posts and skid-proof diamond platform, our 4-post car hoists can effortlessly lift and hold multiple vehicles at a comfortable working height. They deliver outstanding lifting performance, making them ideal for home garages or independent workshops.

If you require a versatile lift with high capacity, our four-post vehicle lifts are the ultimate solution.

When it comes to build quality, reliability and safety, Garage Equipment’s 4 post car hoists set the standard. 4 post hoists are favoured by both professional automotive garages and dedicated workshops, making them some of the best-selling vehicle lifts available in Australia.

Types of 4 Post Car Hoists by Garage Equipment

Ascenta 3500P – 4-Post Hoist or Parking Lift: a versatile and durable solution for vehicle maintenance and space-efficient parking due to its narrow width and shorter platform length. Enjoy easy operation and reliable performance for cars under to 3.5 tonnes. Maximise your garage’s potential with this dual functioning hoist and parking lift.

Ascenta 4P-4000S 4-Post Lift: a sturdy and versatile solution for your automotive workshop or garage. With a 4-tonne lifting capacity, this lift ensures safe and secure maintenance for a wide range of vehicles, from cars to light trucks. Enjoy easy operation and maximize your workspace efficiency with this reliable 4-post lift.

Ascenta 6300S 4-Post Car & Truck Hoist: Whether you’re an automotive workshop, mining or defence, the Ascenta 6300S can handle large vehicles in your workshop, such as light trucks and buses, 4x4s, motorhomes, caravans and more. Lift up to 6.5 T with this professional grade 4 post hoist.

Ascenta 6300X 4-Post Car & Truck Hoist: another heavy lifter with all the features of the 6300S with an extra long platform, the 6300X 4 post hoist 6.5 tonne.

Ascenta 8000S 4-Post Car & Truck Hoist: Entry to Garage Equipment’s range of industrial duty heavy vehicle lifts. With an impressive 8-tonne lifting capacity, this robust hoist is designed for workshops that service a wide range of vehicles such as councils, defence, mining, agricultural, etc.

Want a 4 post hoist able to lift or store practically any vehicle?

Engineered to meet the demands of any hoisting job, Garage Equipment’s range Ascenta 4-post hoists feature lifting capacities  from 3.5-tonne to heavy duty 8-tonne. Whether you’re servicing a truck, 4×4, campervan, mini bus or simply need car lifts for a home garage, these quality 4 post hoists will be suitable for most vehicles.

Our range of four post lifts are suitable for servicing vehicles, as well as extremely convenient garage parking and storage solutions. Ideal for short-term or long term car lift storage and garage. Securely leave your weekend car raised on the hoist, while your day-to-day ride easily parks beneath it.

Browse our wide range of versatile Aussie car hoists

Made to Australian workshop specifications, Ascenta four-post car hoists come in several configurations, including super-tall, wide, narrow, space-saver or regular, so you’re sure to find the perfect vehicle hoist for your needs.

What are 4 Post Hoists Suitable For?

Four-post hoists are versatile and suitable for various automotive maintenance and repair tasks. Here are the common uses for four-post hoists:

Engine Work: Four-post hoists provide a stable platform for lifting and accessing the engine bay. This makes tasks such as engine removal and installation, engine diagnostics, and major engine repairs much easier and safer.

Transmission Servicing: When working on transmissions, having a four-post hoist allows mechanics to raise the vehicle and access the transmission from underneath. This simplifies tasks like transmission fluid changes, repairs, and replacements.

Underbody Work: Four-post hoists are excellent for performing undercarriage work. This includes tasks like exhaust system repairs, suspension work, and brake system maintenance, as the vehicle can be lifted off the ground, providing easy access to the underside.

General Maintenance and Inspections: Four-post hoists are also used for routine maintenance tasks, such as oil changes, tire rotations, and vehicle inspections. The hoist’s stability and convenience make these tasks quicker and more efficient for automotive service shops.

Car Storage: Four post hoists are used to create additional storage space in garages or auto enthusiasts’ spaces. By lifting one car off the ground, it allows another vehicle to be parked underneath it. This is especially useful for individuals with limited garage space but multiple cars to store. The elevated car remains securely suspended, providing a safe and efficient way to store multiple vehicles in a compact area.

Garage Parking: 4 post hoists are utilised in commercial parking garages or private residences to maximize parking capacity. Four post hoists allow vehicles to be stacked vertically, optimising the available space. This is particularly beneficial in urban areas where parking space is limited and parking structures need to accommodate a high volume of vehicles.

4 post hoists are highly suitable for automotive workshops, garages, and service centers where heavy engine work, transmission servicing, and underbody repairs are frequently conducted. Their functionality and ease of use make them a popular choice for mechanics working on a variety of vehicles.

Check out the full range of 4 post hoists today and either send an enquiry to the Garage Equipment team or call 1800 777 318 to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ascenta hoists are sold and used in both commercial as well as enthusiast applications. The Ascenta brand of hoists are used in many applications across Australia, including Automotive dealerships, mining maintenance workshops, defence workshops, councils and government organisations.

You can best find out which hoist is best for your use case by giving one of Garage Equipment workshop experts a call to discuss. We’re here to sell a hoist to suit the right application, not just to sell a hoist.

All Ascenta vehicle hoists are fully compliant with Australian standards, rules & regulations and are Australian design registered.

Made in China, Ascenta hoists are designed and manufactured under strict quality controls and design and engineering guidelines and backed by years of extensive R&D, making sure they are compliant with Australian standards.

Two-post hoists offer access to all parts of the vehicle, while also taking up the least amount of floor space. However, due to the operation aspect of the hoist, the safety risk is a lot higher with the two post hoists, as the operator needs to select the perfect balance point to lift the vehicle (this can change if the vehicle is being modified or parts removed). A four-post hoist takes up more space than a two-post hoist, however it is more efficient for the operator to simply drive straight onto the hoist, without having to worry about the center of weight and start lifting. Note that in order to get the wheels free on the vehicle, you will require an Ascenta jacking beam.

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