4 Post Car Hoists

Want a 4 post hoist able to lift or store practically any vehicle?

Engineered to meet the strenuous demands of any hoisting job, the Ascenta hoists available through Garage Equipment feature lifting capacities ranging from 3.5-tonne to heavy duty 6.3-tonne maximum. Whether you’re servicing a truck or simply need car lifts for a home garage, these quality hoists will be suitable for most vehicles.

The Ascenta four post lifts aren’t just for servicing vehicles, either – they also work as extremely convenient garage parking and storage solutions. Securely leave your weekend car raised on the hoist, while your day-to-day ride easily parks beneath it.

Browse our wide range of versatile Aussie car hoists

Made to Australian workshop specifications, Ascenta four-post car hoists comes in several configurations, including super-tall, wide, narrow, space-saver or regular, so you’re sure to find the perfect vehicle hoist for your needs.

Rest assured you’ll be glad you chose an Ascenta vehicle hoist for your professional workshop or home garage. It’s top quality garage gear. Each hoist in the range has a commercial arm lock built into the lift carriage, making it more difficult for the operator to disengage the arm locks. Compare that to some inferior brands on the market with older style designs where the arm lock is on the outside of the lift carriage and able to be completely disengaged … a concern for OH&S authorities in some countries.

Check out the full range of 4 post hoists today and either send an enquiry to the Garage Equipment team or call 1800 777 318 to find out more.