Which is the best Four-Post Hoist to suit your needs?

Whether you are a professional automotive garage or a dedicated DIY’er, a four-post hoist is ideal for doing car underbody work or storing a vehicle off the ground to double your parking space.

For auto workers they are the perfect solution if you do a lot of heavy engine work, transmission servicing, or full car underbody work such as exhaust replacement. If you’re running a quick-lube workshop or muffler business, a four-post hoist will work a treat.

Home users also like the four-post car lifts because smaller capacity four post lifts can even be made portable, with the addition of an optional castor wheel package. We always recommend bolting a hoist to the floor however in some cases you may have a rental property or wanting to move the hoist from bay to bay and it is not possible to bolt the hoist to the floor. If a commercial application the hoist must be bolted to the floor.

Another major advantage of four post hoists is that, thanks to their solid four column design, you can safely leave a vehicle parked on the hoist while you store another underneath – effectively doubling your parking space. So If you spend your workday – or your weekend – operating under a vehicle, you’ll appreciate the safety, quality, and reliability of 4 post hoists from Garage Equipment.

So, which one is right for me?

The Four-Post Hoist range starts off at the 3500P, the 4000P and the 4000HP, which sit within their own range. These particular lifts are generally designed for a parking solution, so for car storage or for a home enthusiast who wants a hoisting shed and don’t have the money to spend on a high end commercial product. Each of these three lifts in this range have their own specific features which you can read below.


The 3500P has a narrow width and a short length platform.

  • Lifting Capacity – 3.5T
  • Lifting Time – 40 Seconds
  • Overall Length (Inc Ramps) – 5257mm
  • Overall Width – 2784mm



The 4000P is a standard size Four-Post choice.

  • Lifting Capacity – 4.0T
  • Lifting Time – 47 Seconds
  • Overall Length (Inc Ramps) – 5557mm
  • Overall Width – 3206mm



The 4000HP has an extended platform and will lift higher than the other two models.

  • Lifting Capacity – 4.0T
  • Lifting Time – 54 Seconds
  • Overall Length (Inc Ramps) – 5857mm
  • Overall Width – 3206mm



This 4000HP lift is primarily used if you want to store a four wheel drive vehicle or larger vehicle underneath the hoist.

Have a bigger vehicle to lift?

In the next range is the 4P-4000S which is a commercial four ton Four-Post Hoist, designed for everyday workshops, car dealerships. This particular hoist is all direct drive with no electronic control box or cylinders.

  • Lifting Capacity – 4.0T
  • Lifting Time – 45 Seconds
  • Overall Length (Inc Ramps) – 5512mm
  • Overall Width – 3208mm


The 6.3 ton range consists of the ASN63S which is a standard length platform and ASN63SX, which is an extended length platform. These particular lifts are both designed for lifting larger vehicles, small coaster buses, light trucks, and designed for everyday commercial use.

Ascenta 4P63S or 4P63SX 4-post hoist


  • Lifting Capacity – 6.3T
  • Lifting Time – 63 Seconds
  • Overall Length (Inc Ramps) – 6012mm
  • Overall Width – 3208mm


Ascenta 4P63S or 4P63SX 4-post hoist


  • Lifting Capacity – 6.3T
  • Lifting Time – 60 Seconds
  • Overall Length (Inc Ramps) – 6541mm
  • Overall Width – 3324mm


Don’t forget your jacking beam…

We should also touch to the jacking beams, which are an optional extra on all Four-Post Hoists. These optional scissor-style Jacking Beams offer peerless jacking speed and convenience.

The 2200H is primarily designed for the 3500A, the 2800A for the 4000P and the 4000HP. The 2800A will suit the 4000S as well. And then the 3600A will suit the ASN63 series.

Ascenta 3600A – Jacking beam
Ascenta 2800A – Jacking Beam
Ascenta 2200H – Jacking Beam






As mentioned above, these are optional and not included as standard. If you have any further questions, feel free to give us a call and see how we can help with your car lift needs.

Get in touch with Garage Equipment team on 1800 777 318 or fill out the contact form here.

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