Australian Standards for Vehicle Hoists in Your Home Workshop

Vehicle hoist installation tips and Australian standards considerations

What to look for before you buy a car lift

Did you know that not all vehicle hoists are created equal? In fact, it’s not mandatory for vehicle lifts and hoists to have to meet Australian Standards.

While there is an applicable Australian Standard, as a home workshop user you’re not compelled to buy a hoist that meets it. Why is that? It’s because WorkSafe is only concerned with commercial workplaces, not your workshop at home.

But even though you don’t have to buy an Australian Standards-approved hoist, at Garage Equipment we highly recommend that you do.

So before you buy a cheap imported hoist, it pays to consider why a hoist that meets Australian Standards is so much superior to a non-compliant model.

What you can do to ensure home workshop safety as a hoist owner/operator

Just like any piece of heavy equipment, a vehicle hoist can be dangerous if it’s used without due care, attention, and training.

And of course, you should remember that any product, no matter how well designed, won’t last or remain safe if it’s used incorrectly or maintained poorly. In fact most problems with car hoists tend to stem from incorrect use or lack of maintenance, both of which can be overcome with better training, education, and access to information.

To give yourself the best chance of safe hoist operation, remember to:

  • Fully understand your hoist’s operating and emergency procedures
  • Only use the hoist in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Act quickly to remedy any faults or problems with the hoist
  • Check your home workshop for any hazards
  • Make sure you don’t exceed your hoist’s load ratings

As well as this, regular maintenance is a necessity to ensure the safe operation of your hoist.

Which Australian Standards for hoists should you be aware of?

When you’re shopping around for vehicle hoists in Australia, there are two main Standards that your car lift should comply with.

These are the Australian Standard AS/NZ 1418.9:1996 and AS/NZS 2550.9:1996, which is the standard which covers the safe operation of a vehicle hoist.

Keep an eye out for a hoist that meets these Standards and you can be confident of working on cars in safety at home over the long haul.

Work in safety with Garage Equipment

Remember: even though it’s tempting to think, “I only use it once a month” so I “don’t need a hoist that meets Australian Standards”, it only has to fail once to potentially cause serious problems. Always look for the applicable Australian Standard for vehicle hoists.

For more advice and information on selecting a car hoist that meets Australian Standards, call the Garage Equipment team on 1800 777 318 or get in touch with the contact form here.

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