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Warranty Terms and Conditions

 All Ascenta products are covered by a Limited 12 month warranty from the date of purchase, some warranty terms and conditions may vary between products. 

Vehicle hoists: All vehicle hoists models mentioned below carry the following warranty: 

5 Year Structural warranty:  This includes the complete fixed (non-moving) structure of the hoist 

2 Years on hydraulic components: This includes hydraulic cylinders, hoses, and hydraulic pumps 

12 months on all moving parts & electrics: This includes all moving parts for example pulleys, pins, cables, and electrical components 

Labour: 12 Months (conditions apply) 

The above applies to the below models: 

2 Post 

2P4000BX, 2P4000CF, 2P4500CF, 2P4500CF-XH, 2P5500B, 2P5500CF, 2P6800CF 

4 Post 

4P3500P, 4P4000P, 4P4000PH, 4P4000S, 4P6300S, 4P6300SX, 4P8000S, 4P4000A, 4P6300AE 

Scissor lifts: 

WAS 5500LT, WAS 4000, FRS3000, LR4500 

Wheel Service Equipment: 

This includes tyre changers and wheel balancers 

AWB 2200, AWB2500, AWB2800, ATC 21S, ATC 21T ATC 23T, ATC 24T GHS 

2 years on all parts and labour. (conditions apply) 


Labour: Ascenta will cover all labour costs on any of the above products for 12 months from the date of purchase. The vehicle hoist must be installed by a reputable installer and a copy of the installation invoice be made available for labour to be covered. This applies to all major cities and towns. If you have installed a vehicle hoist or piece of workshop equipment has been installed or set up by yourself (the purchaser) or are unable to produce an installation certificate from a reputable vehicle hoist installer or an invoice for the installation the labour costs will be not covered. 

Transport: ASCENTA will cover all transport costs within Australia to the Delivery address on the original invoice for the warranty period. 

General service costs: All Annual service and inspection costs are not covered under warranty 

Defects due to poor installation: Ascenta will look at each claim on a case by case basis and may supply the parts only if the product is defective due to poor installation. 

HARSH ENVIRONMENTS: All Ascenta products are built for Indoor workshop applications, using a products in wash bays, chemical environment, outside subject all weather conditions may void warranty. Special provision can be made at the date of purchase in writing. 

Insufficient Maintenance: All Ascenta vehicle hoists must be inspected every 12 months if in a commercial application failing to do so may result in warranty being void. 

Insufficient Concrete: Ascenta will not cover and damage to workshop equipment due to insufficient concrete as stated in the installation manual. 

Refunds or Replacement (valid for 12 months from purchase date): Ascenta will always attempt to fix or repair any problem however if the problem is deemed non repairable by Ascenta you (the purchased) may be offered a refund or replacement. 

REFUNDS: Refunds will cover the cost of the invoiced amount only, if the workshop equipment has been installed by yourself (the purchaser) you will be required to dismantle the equipment and make it available for collection from the original delivery or collection address on the original invoice or returned to 1 of our locations within Australia. 

Replacements: Should you be offered a replacement hoist Ascenta will cover the costs as per the original invoice. Ascenta will also cover the costs of the dismantle of the existing equipment and re Installation of new equipment if it was part of the original invoice. 

If the part number is not mentioned in the above statement, the warranty is a flat 12 months or otherwise agreed (in writing)at the time of sale and is subject to the same conditions as set out in this statement. 


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