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Welcome to Garage Equipment, your trusted partner in vehicle lifts and equipment. We understand the diverse needs of professional workshops and offer a comprehensive range of 2 post hoists in Australia.

From the Ascenta 4000BX (4T or 4,000kg) to the Ascenta 6800CF (6.8T or 6,800kg), our durable and heavy-duty hoists provide superior performance for professional workshops and home enthusiasts.

We know you demand uncompromising quality from productive hoists that maximise your capacity and efficiently do the job. That’s why we ensure our rugged vehicle lifts deliver on their promise of superior performance – as you’ve come to expect from Garage Equipment.

These quality 2-post hoists are known globally for their top-notch craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, feature-rich designs, incredible value for money, and extended durability.

With their two extremely sturdy posts and supportive stabilisation arms, 2-post car hoists can lift and hold many vehicles at a comfortable working height. Usually more affordable than 4-post options, 2-post hoists also need less space and offer clear access to the car’s wheels.

Why Choose Garage Equipment?

  1. Expert Knowledge & Advice: With Garage Equipment, you benefit from our friendly and knowledgeable team of car lift product experts who are always ready to assist you.
  2. Excellence in Design: Our 2 post hoists are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring superior performance, durability, and safety.
  3. Total Safety: We prioritise safety and ensure that our hoists meet the highest industry standards, providing you with peace of mind during every lift.
  4. Quality Workshop Products: Our hoists are known globally for their top-notch craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and feature-rich designs.
  5. Australia-Wide Shipping: No matter where you are in Australia, we offer reliable and prompt shipping to your location.
  6. Warehouses & Service Agents Australia-wide: We ensure efficient product delivery and after-sales support with multiple offices and warehouses strategically located in Brisbane, Perth and Sydney. We alos have service agents located in Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin.
  7. Easy Finance Options: We offer flexible finance options to make your hoist purchase convenient and affordable.
  8. Warranties: Our hoists have comprehensive warranties, providing long-term protection and confidence in your investment.


Types of 2 Post Car Hoists by Garage Equipment

  1. Ascenta 4000BX – 2 Post Hoist: This sturdy hoist is perfect for smaller workshops with a lifting capacity of up to 4 tonnes. With a base plate style design, you won’t have to worry about an overhead crossbeam, allowing unrestricted lifting height.
  2. Ascenta 4000CF – 2-Post Car Hoist with 4-tonne capacity: With a straightforward floor style design, you won’t have to worry about a base plate getting in the way when you’re working on vehicles.
  3. Ascenta 4500CF – 2 Post Hoist: With a lifting capacity of 4.5 tonnes, this hoist provides the perfect balance of power and versatility. This hoist features a single piece post and oversize lift carriage (1.5m tall) increasing stability when lifting larger vehicles.
  4. Ascenta 4500CF-XH – 2 Post Hoist: Engineered for extra height clearance and clear floor functionality, this hoist accommodates larger vehicles without compromising performance. With an overall 4.2m clearance height, single piece column and oversize lift carriage, there are not many 4×4 vans and other large vehicles this lift can’t easily accommodate.
  5. Ascenta 5500B – 2 Post Hoist: Offering a lifting capacity of 5.5 tonnes, this hoist suits heavier vehicles and demanding lifting tasks. These lifts are designed for larger vans and light trucks.
  6. Ascenta 5500CF – 2 Post Hoist: Designed for durability and reliability, this hoist is built to withstand professional workshops demanding a clear floor workshop. These lifts are designed for constant lifting of larger 4WD vehicles light trucks and high roof vans.
  7. Ascenta 6800CF – 2 Post Hoist: With a lifting capacity of 6.8 tonnes, this clear floor 2 post hoist is ideal for heavy-duty commercial applications. These lifts are used in many agriculture, mining and military workshop applications.


Choose Garage Equipment 2 Post Hoists Australia

Garage Equipment is your one-stop destination for high-quality 2 post hoists in Australia. With our wide range of durable and feature-rich hoists, we cater to the lifting needs of professional workshops and home enthusiasts.

From clear floor designs to extra height clearance models, our 2 post hoists deliver superior performance, total safety, and excellent value for money. Find the perfect 2-post hoist for sale and experience the Garage Equipment difference today.

Contact us for expert advice, Australia-wide shipping, easy finance options, and top-notch warranties.

Frequently Asked Questions

A baseplate is an option where height is a restriction or where clients like to have unrestricted lift height. A clearfloor is an option if you want uninterrupted floor space. What a clear floor hoist has the overhead cutoff bar, which runs across the top of the hoist, this restricts your overall height, with some hoists being adjustable in height, this is up to the maximum on the specification sheet.

The base plate style hoist has a plate running across the floor, which sits approximately 50 millimeters high, and has no restrictions overhead. This style is often used in commercial environments where they're lifting vans and four wheel drives. They want to be able to lift at full height with uninterrupted, overhead structure. We do also have additional extra high kits or hoists with higher clearance rates, to eliminate the need for a base plate style.

You are restricted with a clear floor hoist with height, however, a base plate hoist. You do have a constant obstacle on the floor. So moving around, jacks and tool boxes or pushing a dead car over a bump is not something everyone wants to do on a daily basis. Therefore in most cases, a clear floor option is a lot better and safer for mechanical use.

Absolutely. Every hoist is dangerous, 90% of hoist accidents, generally happen as a result of vehicles not being loaded correctly on a hoist. It is just like using a welder without a welding helmet. You're gonna end up with welding flesh. Yes, you can do it, but there are consequences to not following the correct safety procedures. This is why we ensure you explicitly follow the instructions and advice provided on how to safely & correctly load vehicles onto your hoist upon install.

We have a factory in China. However, we are heavily invested into research and development and making sure our products are fully compliant with Australian standards and also continue to lead the hoist and workshop equipment industry with innovative upgrades to safety and operational features, before bringing them to the market here in Australia.

A lot of companies on the market are happy to sell a hoist to anyone. They're not actually taking into consideration what application they're using it for and specifically quoting or putting down the correct hoist for the application. That's why we don't show pricing. You're more than welcome to give us a call. We'll just tell you the price over the phone.

We offer both clear floor & base plate style of 2 post hoists.

Determining the right lifting capacity is crucial for efficient and safe operations. Garage Equipment provides 2 post hoists with lifting capacities ranging from 4 tonnes to 6.8 tonnes. Consider factors such as the weight of the vehicles you’ll be lifting, clear floor requirements, and future workshop needs. It is not always about the weight of your vehicle. Other critical factors to consider include overall height clearance, vehicle height, and factory pick-up points against lift arms on the hoist. Talk to our knowledgeable team for assistance in selecting the ideal 2-post hoist that suits your specific requirements.

Ascenta hoists are a commercial product. We sell these into commercial applications and to a lot of avid home enthusiasts, who are looking for a superior product, without the higher price tag. Ascenta hoists are proudly in use at many leading automotive dealership workshops such as Mercedes-Benz Toowong, Metro Motors in WA & more.

There's a number of different factors you need to consider, when looking at a hoists safety mechanism. All of our two post hoists have single point safety releases. That means there is one point on one post, which releases both safety locks and it is dead man control. As soon as the single point safety lock is released, the safety locks are re-engaged with direct drive hydraulics, which are in all our clear floor models of two hoists. This means there's no chains. The cylinders are upside down and they push on the bottom of the lift carriage, opposed to other models on the market, which push against a roller on a chain.

A single safety locking mechanism is very important, in that it has total safety in mind for the operator and the vehicle being lifted, it is very unsafe to have a 2 point lock release, where the operator has to go from one side of the hoist to release one side, and then back to the controls to release the other - hoping the mechanical locks will hold the vehicle in place until released.

Once again the choice between a 2 post or 4 post hoist comes down to your application. Two posts are great for servicing because you have free access to your wheels, breaks, and you can drop your oils.

With a four post hoist you need to install jacking beams, drive onto the hoist, lift up the front and lift up the rear to gain the same accessibility. Four posts are great for alignments, quick servicing greasing, and a quick oil change where you're not taking off wheels. You can option four post hoists with jacking beams to get the wheels free.

The best way to do this is give us a call. Tell us about your application. Tell us what dimensions you're working with. Tell us, what vehicles are you planning to lift? Are you using it full-time or are you using it in a home workshop? If it's a four post choice, is it for storage or is it for servicing? These are all questions to consider and what we will ask you when you enquire about purchasing a 2 or 4 post hoist from Garage Equipment.

Yes - our hoists comply to Australian Standards (as with any other hoist manufacturer/importer).

Yes we offer that service, either by our own team or by our certified sub-contractors.

Can’t find exactly what you need?

Garage Equipment’s workshop experts will be happy to help.

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