How Our Two-Post Hoist Lifts Compare

Black car in a 2 post hoist

Garage Equipment offers a complete range of durable two post hoists, and in this blog we are going to run through the benefits of each hoist and who it is best suited for.

ASF42S Hoist

Starting with the ASF42S, this particular hoist is designed with the home enthusiast in mind who has limited space. This has a lower post height so it can almost fit in any garage and is a base plate style lift. The post height for this lift is 3,350 millimetres, meaning it will fit in 99% of home garages. It’s also narrow in width.

4000BX Hoist

The next hoist is a 4000BX. This is a commercial two post lift priced to compete with the home enthusiast. This particular lift is a base plate style as well with an overall post height is 2,850 millimetres. This hoist is designed for a commercial workshop or a home enthusiast to put in their back shed where there’s limited height.

The other advantage with this hoist is, if it is in an open workshop, there’s no restriction on what vehicle you can put on it, other than the weight. So, if you needed to lift a high-top van or something like that, there’s no overhead bar to restrict you in your lift height. This means if your ceiling was eight meters high you can lift every vehicle to full height without a drama.

4000CF Hoist

The next hoist is the 4000CF which is a clear floor design. This is ideal for a general mechanical workshop, who is dealing with everyday cars e.g.: sedans, or the home enthusiast who wants a commercial quality product. This is a safe product and is a two-piece post. It is adjustable in height, with 23 different measurements, and has a four-tonne lift capacity.

4500CF Hoist

The next hoist is the 4500CF, which has a four and a half tonne lift capacity. This is a heavy duty hoist designed for commercial industrial workshops or a super keen home enthusiast. This particular lift has a single piece column and an oversized lift carriage of 1.5 meters high.

It also offers a lot more stability than the previous models, as the lift carriage supports four drives and larger vehicles. A lot more than the other 4000CF or the 4000BX. The reason being is the 1.5-meter-high lift carriage over a single piece column is restricting a lot of the movement as the weight is distributed 1.5 meters across the post whenever the vehicle is lifted.

5400CF Hoist

The next hoist is the 5400CF, which is a five and a half tonne two post hoist. This is designed for lifting very large vehicles, constantly lifting four-wheel drives or light trucks and vans. One of the major advantages with this lift is its lift height and clearance height. There’s over 4 meters of clearance height, so you should never have an issue with lifting a large four-wheel drive with roof top tents to full height.

6800CF Hoist

This is the same for the 6800CF. This is a very heavy-duty hoist, with a 4-metre clearance height. Once again, this hoist is designed for lifting four-wheel drive vehicles, large vans and light trucks every day of the week, all day, every day.

One overall comment on all our clear floor lifts is that they are all direct drive not chain drive. Direct drive means there’s no chain running over the top of the cylinder, so this offers a lot more support in lifting larger vehicles. The ASF42S and the 4000BX is a chain over lifting system, primarily because they have a reduced post height. So, there’s no other option there to go direct drive.

Additionally, all of our lifts from the 4000BX up to the 6800CF have a single point lock release, which means you do not have to go from side to side to release the safety locks. They also all have a commercial lift carriage, which we’ll go into more detail when we start digging into the difference between our lift and other lifts on the market.

If, you do need any more information feel free to get in touch with Garage Equipment team on 1800 777 318 or fill out the contact form here.

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