Ascenta 4000BX – 2 Post Hoist

The most versatile 2 Post Hoist!

Saves Time – Save time with a hoist by simply raising a vehicle with the press of a button

Fits Anywhere – With a base plate style design, you won’t have to worry about an overhead crossbeam, allowing you unrestricted lifting height

Easy To Use – Thanks to our dual-synchro equalization system and user-friendly controls, this hoist is easy to use

Quick Product Specs:

  • Lifting Capacity 4.0T
  • Lifting Height 1940-2169mm
  • Overall Height 2841mm
  • Overall Width 3460mm
  • Drive-Thru Clearance 2560mm
  • Width Between Columns 2850mm
  • Minimum Pad Height 90mm
  • Gross Weight 740Kg
  • Power: 240v or 415v

Product Description

This versatile, two-post hoist is a MUST have for anyone looking to efficiently and safely service vehicles.

If you’re an automotive professional or enthusiast, you’ll know just how slow it is to jack up a car using a traditional jacking system and stands.

The 4 tonne baseplate style lift is ideal for applications where height is a restriction or where unrestricted lift height is a priority.

Whether you’re an automotive dealer, mechanic or enthusiast, adding an Ascenta hoist to your workshop or home garage is a no brainer.

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