Technical Tips for Safe Operation of New 2 & 4 Post Hoists and Lifts

4 post hoists
4 post hoists

A car hoist is an integral piece of workshop equipment for every professional light vehicle workshop or dedicated garage.

Whether you’re working with a new two-post hoists, four-post hoists or lifts, safety should always be a priority and guiding principle for best practice for operating automotive workshop equipment.

Even though car lifts and hoists are inherently designed for optimised safety and are easy-to-use, the user must always operate all auto service equipment with precaution and adherence to recommended safety guidelines.

A Non-Negotiable: Get to Know Your Equipment Owner’s Manual / Manufacturer’s Manual

It might sound like a no-brainer, but getting to know the in’s-and-out’s of your new equipment is your key to safety success!

As one of the most used pieces of auto equipment for auto repairs and maintenance, it’s easy to become somewhat complacent and overconfident with your equipment. That’s why we cannot stress enough the importance of staying relevant and taking the time to learn the safety features of new workshop equipment.

Different car hoists and lifts will have different features, and call for different safety precautions. It’s vital to get familiar with the owner’s manual provided by your auto lift manufacturer before you begin using the auto hoist or lift.

When assessing the primary safety features of your new equipment you are working with, be sure to:

  • Confirm all lift and hoist operating procedures, emergency and safety tips and safety materials are accessible and readable.
  • Identify all equipment warning labels are accessible and readable.
  • Confirm that the lift’s or hoist’s rated load capacity is visible and legible.
  • Ensure that all lift controls are operating correctly, including synchronising systems, restraints and locking devices.

Choose an Lift/Hoist with Automatic Dead Man Safety Locks

Automatic safety dead man locks are a crucial safety feature of most new hoists and lifts, that prevents the sudden lowering of your car lift from the raised position. Single point safety lock release is a highly recommended feature, as they release from one point and make the hoist/lift a complete deadman operation. Safety locks that are always engaged when lowering the hoist pose an increased risk. When safety locks are disengaged whilst lowering hoists, safety risks are increased which is why dead man locks are so important, because they are automatically re-engaged when a user lets go of the safety release. Note: Never work under a vehicle without first ensuring the safety locks are engaged.

Seek Lift or Hoist Operation Training

If you are reading this, you probably already know the basics of how to use a car lift. However, not all lifts are exactly the same. Training on how to properly use your lift is crucial for safe lifting.

When you buy a 2 post hoist, 4 post hoist or lift from Garage Equipment, we can provide on-site training, ongoing after-sales support and servicing to ensure that your equipment is always operating safely. If employing new technicians and/or mechanics at your workshop, be sure to implement inductions and training for all lifts and hoists.

Check the Specific Lifting Points of the Vehicle You are Lifting

Every car or truck has different lifting points. Always ensure you know exactly where they are with the help of an approved resource like your OEM’s reference manual or a reputable website before you start lifting.

Never Exceed Your Vehicle Lift’s Maximum Capacity

Never be tempted to exceed the weight-bearing capacity of your auto lift or hoist! It’s never worth the safety risk.

Stay Up-to-date with your Lift and Hoist Maintenance & Servicing

To ensure that your equipment is functioning at its optimal performance and safety requirements, regular scheduled maintenance, servicing and safety checks should be a non-negotiable. Talk to Garage Equipment about setting up internal checks and establishing preventative servicing and maintenance to ensure that your equipment is always up to standard.

It’s not just good sense – it’s the law. In Australia, you must have your workshop’s car hoists serviced by a certified technician at least every 12 months.

Find out more about car hoist and lift safety with Garage Equipment

Want to know more about safety for your workshop’s car hoists? Talk to the vehicle hoist experts Garage Equipment on 1800 777 318, email us at or use our contact form.

Disclaimer: This information is meant for general use and awareness only. Garage Equipment does not take any responsibility for malpractice or incorrect operation of car hoists, car lifts or other automotive equipment. Personnel who operate automotive workshop equipment do so at their own risk.

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