A Dream Home isn’t Complete Without a Dream Garage

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Feel that love where you live sensation as soon as you drive into your Garage after a long day at work. The stunning cabinets that store all your items perfectly make you feel relaxed as you breathe in a deep breath and think: ahhh it’s good to be home.

Garage Equipment is the leading supplier of premium European cabinetry and equipment to transform any garage into a haven that enables you to house your most prized possessions, including a classic car or motorbike.

In this article we share the main ways our team of experienced design consultants can help you use your well-earned money to build your dream garage.

1. Decide Your Design Vision

Like any home improvement project, having a vision for what your space should look like is important and our design consultants can help. Garage Equipment offers complete design services which include premium garage cabinets, lifts, and other storage features like bicycle racks, gardening equipment storage, race gear storage, fitness storage and more.

Using the survey information that you complete; our expert designers will put together a layout to suit your exact requirements. These are the same designers that work on projects for major prestige automotive brands, so you can be reassured that you’re in the best hands.

Our designers will produce a computer-generated visual for you so you can see exactly how your transformed garage will look. This will be sent to you with a complete quotation (with no hidden costs). If the layout isn’t quite how you would like it, let us know and we will be happy to change it, offering suitable alternatives or layouts.

Note that we do charge a $350 design fee, which is deducted from the full cost should you choose the Garage Equipment team to create and install.

2. Pick Your Materials

Once you have your design layout it’s time to pick materials, starting from the ground up. Our consultants will take you through a range of options to choose the perfect:

  • Flooring – the floor sets the tone for the entire space. This can include:
    • Porcelain tiles
    • PVC interlocking floor tiles
  • Walls – You should then look at the walls, repair any damage, and add a fresh coat of paint to the garage, if your garage is unfinished, look at adding insulation and outlets while you are at it. 
  • Ceiling – To give your garage a convincing ‘room-like’ feel, our consultants recommend a ceiling cladding system
  • Cabinets – choose the combination package the is the perfect set up for your needs. This can include:
    • A Sink
    • Waste bin
    • Tools cabinets
    • Towel & glove dispenser
    • Wall cabinets
    • Draws
    • Fridge
    • Coat rail
    • Wall mounted storage

3. Manufacture & Assemble

This is where your chosen cabinets are laser cut for perfect accuracy, before being folded using the latest CNC machinery. They are then welded prior to going through a pre-treatment and paint process that is designed to last.

All these cabinets are made to order, so we can offer custom options such as a special colour or graphics. Finally, our cabinets are assembled and fully checked prior to shipment. We are that confident in our quality that we offer a FREE 5-Year Guarantee.

4. Professional Installation Service

To ensure your garage installation runs completely smoothly, our experienced team of installers will carry out every step, ensuring your custom fit-out is completed to the highest finish.

Our installers will unpack and check each item, then working to the designer’s drawings, will assemble your individual combination, making sure the cabinets are securely fixed and accurately levelled. Wall cladding panels will be cut and fitted to suit, using batons where required, and flooring installed with the right allowances for expansion.

Finally, our team will clear and remove any packaging associated with the installation, leaving you to enjoy your garage!

Over to You:

Now it’s time to deck out your Garage with the items that mean the most to you.

Feeling inspired to create your dream garage?

Contact us via the below options to see how we can help bring your vision to life.

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