Ascenta 4000HP – 4-Post Parking Lift


  • Lifting Capacity – 4.0T
  • Lifting Time – 54 Seconds
  • Overall Length (Inc Ramps) – 5857mm
  • Overall Length (No Ramps) – 5000mm
  • Overall Width – 3206mm
  • Width Between Columns – 2860mm
  • Lifting Height – 2172mm
  • Overall Height – 2405mm
  • Width Between Platforms – 1077mm
  • Platforms outer width – 2093mm
  • Gross Weight – 992K
  • Motor – 3.0HP

Product Description

Download product specifications sheet

  • 4t capacity, extra high lift
  • Commercial grade
  • Heavy duty parking lift for storage
  • Manual single point safety release
  • Reinforced “s” shape columns for additional strength
  • Non skid diamond platform
  • Optional drip trays
  • Jack trays and caster kits available

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