Ascenta ATTC26 Truck Tyre Changer


The Ascenta ATTC26 Truck Tyre Changer, designed for fleet operators, agriculture workshops, and owner-operators seeking cost-effective truck tyre changing solutions, offers several advantages:

Ease of Operation: The tyre changer is user-friendly and easy to operate, making it accessible even for inexperienced technicians.

Time-Saving: It reduces manual labor required for changing heavy-duty truck tires, contributing to time efficiency.

Efficiency: With its robust motor and pneumatic bead seater, the tyre changer efficiently handles challenging tires.

Versatility: The machine is engineered to handle a broad range of tire sizes, from small car tires to large truck tires.

Safety: Equipped with safety features like a secure locking mechanism during the changing process, ensuring the tire stays in place.

Durability: A well-constructed Ascenta ATTC26 Truck Tyre Changer is durable and can withstand heavy use in commercial settings, lasting for many years.

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Product Description & Specifications

Its versatile, heavy duty design accommodates rim diameters ranging from 14” to 26”, making it suitable for a wide range of standard trucking and agricultural requirements.

Rim Diameter 14” -26”
Rim Width 1000 mm
Max Wheel Diameter 1600 mm
Net Weight 561 kg
Gross Weight 739 kg

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