AC Hydraulic DK40Q Jack

Price $1900 inc GST


With a lift capacity of 4t and a low minimum height of 80mm this low clearance hydraulic jack is an excellent unit for light commercial applications and lifting.

Built with a wide and robust frame made from high strength steel, the DK40Q is fitted with a quick lift pedal for easy reach of lifting point and provides precise and safe control whilst lowering.

Loaded with safety features including built-in safety overload and manual dead man’s release, this unit provides optimum safety when lowering. The noiseless wheels incorporating a polyurethane central O-ring offers maximum surface protection for the vehicles, while the ergonomically designed handles ensure a positive and safe experience for operators.

Product Description

Featuring a 4t lifting capacity and an extremely low minimum height of 80mm this low clearance hydraulic jack is ideal light commercial applications. Made with a wide and robust frame of high strength steel, this unit is safe, noiseless and ergonomically designed for ease of use.

  • 4t lift capacity
  • Quick lift pedal
  • Minimum height of 80mm

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