Huth 1673 Portable Exhaust Pipe Swager/Expander


  • 5 HP Motor, single-phase (30 amp), or Three-phase (20-amp)
  • Runs on 220 volt, 60 Hz supply. 50 Hz and other voltages available.
  • 25,000 pounds of expanding power
  • A 3-1/2″ cylinder
  • Expanding capacity from 1″ to 5-1/2″
  • Features Huth’s Accu-Sizer system
  • Adjustable Collar for expanding 1″ to 3-1/2″
  • Collet Holder for 1″ to 2-1/2″ O.D. tubing
  • Swaging capacity from 1″ to 3″
  • Front swivel casters
  • 15′ power cord
  • Compact design – 40″ high, 37″ long, 24″ wide

Product Description

Mounted on its own easy-wheeling cart, Huth’s Model 1673 Portable Swager/Expander equips you to form ball joints, slip joints, flares and flanges and perform doming and reducing anywhere in your shop.

Includes part 41047-Adjustable Collar, and 891-Collet Holder.

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