Automotive Garages

Create the perfect sanctuary for the car enthusiast.

A simple and beautiful notion of owning a classic car is that you can take something run down and tired, and inject new life into a timeless piece of engineering. This transformation is made more enjoyable when working in a beautifully organised workshop.

We start our classic car workshop with every enthusiasts must have, a 1200mm tool storage cabinet and top box. The workshops cabinetry run is continued with high-level storage cabinets and a louvre back panel system to ensure you have optimum storage space for small components, hand tools, aerosols and lubricants. 

Rebuilding and enhancing cars and their engines can often be a dirty task. To combat this we have integrated a towel and glove dispenser above a sink with stainless steel back panel and waste bin. This wash up area ensures you enjoy a clean and safe working environment at all times. To house your dirty overalls and safety wear we have also included a tall cabinet with fitted coat rail.

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