Light & Medium Trucks

These precision hardened steel adapters increase lathe performance and brake component mounting capacity. Fits most 1″ arbor lathes and helps deliver a superior micro-finish on drums and rotors, composite and standard cast applications and most flywheels. Features single setup, self-centering, and extra mass for maximum vibration damping providing better results with less chatter. At last, single-pass lathing perfection is in your power even at some of the largest standard drums, rotors and flywheels regardless of their material.

Features and Specs

  • Set of three
  • Small truck cone 4.125” x 5.25” / 104.77 x 133.35mm
  • Large truck cone 5.125’ x 6.25” / 130.18 x 158.75mm
  • Truck plate 7.40”OD / 187.96mm

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