Huth HB-10 Exhaust Pipe Bender Package

An All-In-One Exhaust Pipe Bending Package!

Saves money, time & material – Say goodbye to kinked or failed pipe bends and save on material, time & money with the HB-10 Pipe Bender Package

Massive Bending Power – Boasting up to 26 T of bending power, the HB-10 is a perfect match for 3″ tubing

028 Die Package Included – Included within the kit is the 028 Die Package from Huth Benders which includes over 70+ pieces of tooling ranging from radius dies to flanging tools to ensure you can get the job done, whether it be stepping up an exhaust pipe to a larger diameter or crafting the perfect bend.

Quick Product Details:

• Made in the USA
Supports tubing up to 3″ in diameter
• Easy-To-Use Knee Pad Operation, with manual control
• Bending Die Retainer
• Heavy-Duty Swager/Expander
• Three-Phase, 415V

Product Description

The HB-10 by Huth is essential for any fabricator or custom exhaust manufacturer looking to increase the efficiency of their workshop operations, whilst simultaneously decreasing the amount of material and time wastage.

Included in the HB-10 All-In-One Exhaust Pipe Bending Package is:

A built-in pipe swager/expander with 1″ to 3″ tubing on the swager end and 1″ to 5½” tubing on the expander end. Bending dies, end-finishing tooling and a Huth instructional DVD. Furthermore, taking into account the 028 Die Package which includes over 70+ pieces of high-quality tooling, you get everything that is needed to fabricate high-quality custom exhausts or pipework.

If you’re sick and tired of not getting perfect, kink free bends every time or not having quite the right or complete set of tooling for your work, the HB-10 All-In-One Exhaust Pipe Bending Package is a no brainer for anyone serious about quality workmanship.

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