Ascenta ASN63S 4-Post Car & Truck Hoist

Ascenta 4P63S or 4P63SX 4-post hoist


  • Lifting Capacity – 6.3T
  • Lifting Time – 63 Seconds
  • Overall Length (Inc Ramps) – 6012mm
  • Overall Length (No Ramps) 5100mm
  • Overall Width – 3208mm
  • Width Between Columns – 2852mm
  • Lifting Height – 1865mm
  • Gross Weight – 1126Kg
  • Motor – 3.0 HP

Product Description

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  • 6.3t capacity standard platform
  • Mechanical lock with pnuematic safety release
  • Non skid diamond platforms
  • Includes jacking rail for optional rolling jack
  • Adjustable platfroms for different width vehicles

Ascenta’s 63-Series 4-post hoists are engineered to meet the strenuous demands of even your toughest professional lifting jobs. In particular Ascenta’s ASN63S  is the kind of sturdy beast you want as the backbone of your shop. Designed into every Ascenta’s 63-Series auto hoists is a laundry list of key features as long as your arm to ensure that Ascenta is the absolute best you can buy.

Our competitors might say we overdo it, but we don’t include components for the sake of frills and flash. We design our car hoists with the attributes we feel should come standard with every hoist—the kind of vehicle hoist we would want to (and do) own. You can always count on Ascenta hoists for increased durability, safety and productivity. Spend less time worrying about what you’re working under and more time doing what you love. Our commercial-grade hoists are second to none and recognized the world-over as benchmarks of dependability and quality.

The Ascenta’s 63S four post hoist provide a generous 6,300kg lifting capacity and feature extended runways to accommodate a wide variety of vehicle wheelbases.

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