Ascenta 3600A – Jacking Beam


  • Lifting Capacity – 3.5T
  • Lifting Time – 50 Seconds
  • Lifting Height – 500mm
  • Minimum Height – 255mm
  • Overall Length – 1004~1805mm
  • Runway Width – 578mm
  • Gross Weight – 149KG

Product Description

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  • 3.6t capacity air/hydraulic rolling jack
  • Mechanical safety lock
  • Adjustable rubber pads
  • 1.5” and 2.5” extensions

This optional scissor-style Jacking Beam offers peerless jacking speed and convenience. The 3600A provides you with the ability and added versatility to raise 2 or 4 wheels off the runways, making automotive service such as brake jobs and suspension work a cinch. Their exclusive telescoping roller design allows the runways to be adjusted for different tread widths, so you don’t need an adapter to work on a variety of vehicles. Reaching the factory approved jacking points has never been easier—the precision sliders enable you to position the 3600A anywhere beneath the vehicle.

Ascenta Jacking Beams are designed to be there when you need them and gone when you don’t. Just remove your 3600A out of the way when you want the vehicle tires back on the lift. Each jack comes complete with stackable pad adapters to provide added clearance when needed. Included commercial-grade air-hydraulic pump requires 125 psi and 10 – 20 CFM.

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