Huth 2600 Heavy Duty Exhaust Pipe Bender/Expander


  • 85,000 lbs of bending force
  • Reinforced bending gates and frame
  • Large volume reservoir
  • Elevated center of bend
  • 7-1/2 HP motor
  • Heavy-duty swager/expander
  • Push button controls
  • Easy-to-use knee control for forward/reverse
  • Automatic depth-of-bend selector
  • Bending die retainer
  • Rugged I-Beam construction
  • Exclusive safety guard package
  • Front swivel caster w/o brakes
  • 220 volt, 60-hz operation
    * Single-phase req. 50-amp service
    * Three-phase req. 30-amp service
  • High voltage and high speed options available.

Product Description

The 2600 is designed for production work and bending heavier materials up to 3″ OD. It meets the standards set by our other models for precise bending and end finishing.

The 2600 provides 85,000 lbs. of bending force in comparison to 58,000 lbs. produced by our other models. It comes standard with a 7-1/2 HP motor. A 3″ tube bent to 90-degree in the automatic mode can be completed in 16 seconds.

The ergonomically designed knee control allows the operator hands-free control for quick tube location and securing of the tube. It is also invaluable for prototyping.

The smart automatic mode features an adjustable return-to-home position control. This unique, time saving feature increases efficiency by assuring fast and easy transitions between multiple bends. The automatic depth-of-bend selector ensures precise bending control through the use of an easy-to-read, easy-to-adjust depth-of-bend plate. This feature assures accuracy and repeatability.

The swager/expander gives you complete end-finishing capabilities. The swager end accommodates 1″ to 3″ tubing. The expander end allows for expansions from 1″ to 5-1/2″. With Huth’s Accu-Sizer bulls-eye expanding system, you can dial in precise expansions every time.

Control Wrinkle Die 5531 now available for this model to bend 304 Stainless Steel.

* Available without swager/expander – Model 2601

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