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Create a garage perfectly suited to your hobby or passion

We’ve ‘raked’ through our full range of garage cabinets, wall storage and flooring ranges to create a solution that provides the perfect place to store all the things you need for your hobbies.

To kick start this unique room, we’ve combined a selection of cabinets with a heavy-duty beech worktop to provide the perfect levels of storage and work-space. At the back of the cabinets we’ve then used a series of square peg panels to allow you to conveniently store small tools within arm’s reach whenever you need them.

For the storage of larger tools and machinery we’ve fitted out the interior walls with practical sections of wall mounted Storewall. These panels allow you to get everything that would normally gather on the floor up and onto the walls, freeing the garage of clutter and creating more space within your gardener’s room.

It also ensures you haven’t got to search high and low for that one tool you can never find, as everything has a home.

Create your dream garage today!

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