Motorcycle Lifts

High quality motorcycle lifts for both hobbyists and professionals

Garage Equipment’s impressive line of ergonomic, powerful and full-featured motorcycle lifts are designed to be a perfect fit for both high-volume professional garages and dedicated hobbyist workshops.

Our motorcycle lifts were designed by professional bike mechanics to reduce and eliminate worker fatigue by elevating motorcycles and ATV’s to comfortable working heights. They’re the very best choice for any motorcycle enthusiast.

If your true love is repairing and maintaining motorcycles or ATVs, then you deserve a specialty motorcycle lift from Garage Equipment.

Advanced technology that’s durable and easy-to-use

Our proprietary pneumatic motorcycle lifts and air-over-hydraulic lifting systems have proven to be the top choice of industry professionals around Australia.

Easy-to-use and exceptionally durable, our premium motorcycle lift platforms have many features you won’t find anywhere else – especially on lesser priced models.

By choosing to use only top quality components and advanced manufacturing techniques, we aim to make motorcycle lifts that outlast the competition who can only promise comparable quality.

They’re the safest, most reliable and best performing motorcycle lift equipment available in Australia.

Browse our full range of motorcycle lifts today, and to find out more get in touch with the Garage Equipment team here or on 1800 777 318.