This optional wheel lift adapts easily to any Ranger brand R980XR, R980NXT, R980AT or R30XLT tyre changer. The pneumatic lift helps reduces workplace fatigue and minimizes injuries often associated with the manual handling of heavy wheel and tires. The lever‐controlled wheel lift quickly raises the wheel and tyre assembly for easy mounting on the turntable. One handed operation means the technician’s free hand is able to control the wheel assembly during use. The portable wheel lift handles wheels up to 150 pounds and takes up minimal space.

Features and Specs

  • Comes complete with all mounting hardware.
  • Enclosed lifting carriage and cylinder protect it from dirt and other debris.
  • Simple one hand operation for raising and lowering the lift.
  • Offset column gives access to lug nuts and allows unobstructed viewing of work area.
  • Features air regulator, water filter and lubricator for maintenance free pneumatic operation.
  • Welded steel construction.
  • Powder coat finish.

  • Min air supply: 125 PSI / 8 CFM
  • Lifting capacity: 150 lbs. / 68 kg.
  • Max saddle height: 28″ / 711 mm
  • Min saddle height: 2″ / 51 mm
  • Saddle dimensions: 17-1/2″ x 11-1/2″ / 445 mm x 292 mm
  • Shipping weight: 45 lbs. / 20 kg.

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