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Need quality car lifts for your workshop?
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Delivering direct to professional workshops and home garages across Australia

Quality car lifts, workshop equipment and more

Whether you’re a small (or large!) auto service centre, or a keen home car enthusiast, Garage Equipment has the high quality workshop gear you need to ensure a superior result.

Garage Equipment stocks only the best quality car hoists, exhaust pipe benders, workshop jacks, air compressors, and all types of workshop equipment. We choose to stock auto equipment that meets or exceeds Australian Standards, meets Workplace Health & Safety standards, and is built to last.

We are proud to supply and recommend the BendPak range of quality workshop equipment. With more than 45 years’ experience in designing, engineering, and manufacturing the best auto service equipment, BendPak offer you superior products and industry-leading support.

BendPak are recognised worldwide as being a leader in car hoist design, for everything from vehicle hoists and parking lifts to fleet maintenance lifts and car hoist accessories. With their advanced design, innovative features, and focus on safety, you can rely on BendPak car lifts.

The complete range of jacks, wheel service, and workshop equipment

Garage Equipment Direct is your one-stop supplier of all the equipment you need to fully outfit your workshop. And of course, all our workshop products meet the same high standards as our BendPak car hoists and equipment.

Whether you’re looking for workshop equipment like work benches, tool boxes and oil drains; wheel service equipment including tyre changers, wheel balancers, brake lathes, and wheel alignment systems; workshop jacks, floor jacks, or jack stands; or even industrial-grade parts washers, Garage Equipment is the first name in quality workshop equipment.

In fact, you’ll find practically any equipment your workshop needs at Garage Equipment Direct. So why waste precious time and money chasing around multiple online dealers? Garage Equipment Direct is your one-stop workshop equipment supplier.

Enjoy browsing our site to find what you need to create your ultimate workshop fitout, or get in touch with our expert team here or on 1800 777 318.

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